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Jimi Hendrix Experience 1968 Oakland - I was never the same after this show.
Hades 1970 / Ferreira, Cuniberti, Thorsen and Wright
Dan Alexander with the Ampex MM1000
The Rockets 1972 / Cuniberti, Alexander, Solberg and Money
Learning to mix 1972
Eddie Money feeding his dog on the road with The Rockets 1972
The Rockets at a local TV station
Building our first studio called Tewksbury / Solberg, Alexander, VanDorin and Me
The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo in SF 1978
A band I put together in 1974 that lasted a month. Wauters, Malcom, Alexander, Me and Wright
Helios console from Olympic Studios UK in Hyde St. Studios SF
Squares / Joe Satriani, Andy Millton and Jeff Campitelli 1981
Me in Hyde St Studios C around 1981 - Helios and the MM1000 recorder - what a sound!
The Dead Kennedys recording at Hyde St. studio C 1986
Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) hanging over the API console
East Bay Ray (Dead Kennedys)
Late night DK playback - Hyde St. Studios C
East Bay Ray and Klaus Flouride (Dead Kennedys)
Jello, DH and Klaus
DH Peligro (Dead Kennedys) checking a playback
DH Peligro
Jello Biafra sitting at the API console - we were mixing the last DK album
Satriani, Me and Campitelli recording Joe's Dreaming #11 EP
Me, Solberg and Alexander with their Redd 37 (Beatles) console from Abbey Road Studio One
Simon Philips at Bearsville Studios NY
Joe Satriani - Bearsville NY 1991
Phil Ashley, Doug Wimbish, Simon Philips, Joe Satriani - Bearsville NY 1991
Bearsville Studio NY 1991
Xentrix and Me in London 1991
Joe Satriani on the set for the All Alone video
Joe Satriani performing All Alone live
Charles and Cyril Neville with me at Coast Recorders
Charles and Arron Neville in New Orleans
Jeff Campitelli
Satriani, Camptelli and me recording The Crush of Love
Less Than Human - Greek Metal Band - England 1998
Less Than Human and me at Abbey Road
Xentrix with farm hands recording in Wales UK 1993
Ray Gillen, Glenn Hughes and George Lynch have a tan contest LA 1993
George Lynch, Ray Gillen, Jeff Pilson, Me & Glenn Hughes
Tim Alexander Coast Recorders SF 1994
Steve Smith Coast Recorders SF 1994
Jonathan Mover Coast Recorders 1991
Gregg Bissonette The Site 1992
Simon Philips - Bearsville 1991
My Yardbirds tribute band The RaveUps 2006
Jeff Campitelli The Plant 2006
Trident B-Range Console Hyde Street Studios 1984
Neve 5305 Console - Coast Recorders on Harrison SF 1996
Neve 8038 - Coast Recorders on Mission SF 1993
Mixing on The Plant's SSL J9000 2007
The Plant Mastering Sausalito / My room at the former Plant Recording Studios 2000
Bernie Grundman 2008
U-47s Tube Mics
The crew making a Joe Satriani record 2007
Joe Satriani recording at The Plant 2007
Joe checking my mix
Engineer Mike Boden
Matt Bissonette - The Plant 2007
Me with the Neville Brothers remote recording rig I built 2008
Chad Smith (Chickenfoot) 2008
Michael Anthony (Chickenfoot) 2008
Joe Satriani (Chickenfoot) 2008
Andy Johns and Me during the Chickenfoot recordings 2008
Sammy Hager (Chickenfoot) 2008
Andy Johns
Chad, Andy and Joe (Chickenfoot) 2008
Mike and Chad working out their parts (Chickenfoot)
My gear hill for Chickenfoot sessions at Sam's studio
Chad Smith and Joe Satriani (Chickenfoot) 2008
Joe Satriani (Chickenfoot) 2008
Chad Smith (Chickenfoot) 2008
Andy Johns and Chad Smith talkin' about the last take
Sam gives Joe some pointers
Chickenfoot recording at Sam's studio 2008
API console at Red Rocker
Durr, Hagar and Me 2013
Anthony, Smith, Hagar, Schon and Me
Alexei Saryglar - Huun Huur Tu 2008
Sayan Bapa - Huun Huur Tu - Fantasy Studios 2008
Kaigal-ool Khovalyg - Huun Huur Tu - 2008
Radik Tolouche - Huun Huur Tu 2008
Sammy Hagar's new control room I designed in April 2010
Sammy Hagar's new control room I designed in April 2010
Sammy Hagar April 1, 2010
Chad Smith April 1, 2010
Joe Satriani April 1, 2010
Machael Anthony April 1, 2010
Chad Smith April 1, 2010
Chad and Michael April 1, 2010
Roger Mayer and Chuck Plotkin recording The Shakers at Electa Asylum LA 1975
Stevie Wonder during rehearsals in LA for his 1979 tour.
Stevie Wonder during rehearsals in LA for his 1979 tour.
Stevie Wonder during rehearsals in LA for his 1979 tour.
Bob Ludwig 1992
Jamie DeWolf / spoken word
A Private View / album cover by John Cuniberti
Belleville / album cover by John Cuniberti
The Rockets / album cover by John Cuniberti
Trace Weller / album cover by John Cuniberti
Walker / album cover by John Cuniberti
Yep / album cover by John Cuniberti
Joe Satriani / photo by John Cuniberti
The Rubinoos / album cover by John Cuniberti
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